Bobby Salinas is a Chilean

Canadian photographer currently based in Montreal. Her work focuses on portraiture and documentary, sometimes blending both.

Bobby documented her eight years working with a Canadian railway . Her series, Scenes from a Life on Board, is currently being developed into a book to offer an inside view of the moments spent travelling on the rails of Québec and Ontario.

In 2017, she took part in a Street Photography Symposium in London, England, and she studied under photographer Mark Alor Powell, who mentored her in documentary photography in Mexico City in 2015.

Her work has been published in a range of publications, including Elle Quebec, Via Rail Catalogue, and The Hour, La Presse.

Bobby’s versatile work bears witness to unique stories, the power of human dignity, and creative energy. She portrays people with compassion, spontaneity, and loving detail. From her documentation of her work on the trains to her seductive portraits of people in the cities she loves, her photographs are stories unfolding.

Bobby shoots with a Ricoh GR II, her phone, Mamiya c330, Hasselblad 500cm, and most recently, Canon 5D.


  1. Email: thebobbyrazzi@gmail.com
    Instagram: @thebobbyrazzi @thattrainlady
    Whatsapp and Phone: # : 1(438) 925-2448